Alessandro Delcò

Alessandro Delcò is a senior research fellow at the Department of Philosophy, University of Paris VIII. After receiving a doctorate from Zurich University, he continued his research at the University of Turin, then at the Sorbonne. He is the author of several works on classical metaphysics, aesthetics, phenomenology (as well as some peculiar philosophical operations), including Le metamorfosi della sostanza in Leibniz, Angeli, Milan, 1994, Morphologies. A partir du premier Serres, Kimé, Paris, 1998, and Merleau-Ponty et l’expérience de la création. Du paradigme au schème, PUF, Paris, 2005 (Merleau-Ponty und die Erfahrung der Schöpfung, Passagen Verlag, Vienna, 2013). His current research focuses on the temporality of artworks, their process, their function, and somewhat also the destiny of art.