Oriane Petteni

Oriane Petteni is Dr. in Philosophy from Liège University (Belgium). She specializes in Post-Kantianism, Post-Structuralism and Speculative Realism. Her dissertation, titled “The Semiotic Cut and the Representation Crisis: Three Answers from Classical German Philosophy (Hegel-Goethe-Schelling)” was mainly concerned with mapping the different strategies offered by prominent Post-Kantian thinkers to overcome the modern dualism between nature and culture and with tracing their rhizomatic effects in cross-disciplinary fields such as cosmology, epistemology, aesthetics and politics. Her most recent work extend this line of research. It develops an ecocritic approach of Romantic Naturphilosophie, together with a reevaluation of the role it played for the development of a series of late modern epistemologies and technological innovations.