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Claire Chabloz

Claire Chabloz is a MD student at the University of Fribourg. She holds a Medical Diploma from University of Lausanne (Switzerland), an executive MBA from EMLyon Business School (France) and a Master of Public Health from University of Lyon (France). Over the course of her studies and career at a University Hospital and in the Medical Device industry she has developed an interest in quality of care improvement, patient experience, and value-based health care in multiple specialties from chronical diseases to acute interventional care. Her current research focuses on the Value-based health care (VBHC) implementation in the Swiss health care system. Specifically, she aims to map the available definitions and operationalizations of VBHC and explore the perceptions, experiences and opinions of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders in the French-speaking part of Switzerland regarding facilitators and barriers to VBHC implementation. Her approach to these questions includes a scoping review and qualitative semi-structured interviews.

MD protocol

Value-Based Health Care: Moving Toward its Implementation in Switzerland

ORCID: 0009-0005-2917-5140