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Ann Walser

Ann Walser, Lic. phil., is the manager of the Inter-university Graduate Campus (IGC) of the Swiss School of Public Health SSPH+. The coordination office of the IGC has moved from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine ISPM Bern to the #PopHealthLab Fribourg in January 2022. Ann Walser worked at ISPM Bern for more than 7 years. As head of the teaching office, she was responsible for the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching coordination at the ISPM Bern as well as for the management of the IGC.

The SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus has approx. 400 enrolled PhD students from over 75 countries and offers a course program with more than 25 courses. The IGC provides PhD students with state-of-the art training in methods and topical public health issues, broad access to the inter-university multidisciplinary SSPH+ research and teaching faculty, as well as study recommendations for what constitutes a high-quality PhD track in public health sciences. Enrolled students can receive a SSPH+ Certificate in Public Health and have unique networking opportunities with other PhD students from all over the world and with SSPH+ junior and senior scientists across Switzerland.

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