Publication: Emmanuel Alloa & Chiara Cappelletto (eds.), Dynamis of the Image. Moving Images in a Global World

Emmanuel Alloa & Chiara Cappelletto (eds.) Dynamis of the Image. Moving Images in a Global World, Berlin/New York: De Gruyter 2020 / Coédition Paris, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, collection “Contact Zones”, 2020. EAN13 : 9783110530544.

Images are not neutral conveyors of messages shipped around the globe to achieve globalized spectatorship. They are powerful forces that elicit very diverse responses and can resist new visual hegemonies of our global world. Bringing together case studies from the field of media, art, politics, religion, anthropology and science, this volume breaks new ground by reflecting on the very power of images beyond their medial exploitation.

The contributions testify that globalization does not necessarily equal homogenization, and that images can open up alternative ways of picturing what is to come.


Emmanuel Alloa and Chiara Cappelletto
The Dynamis of the Image (and the Genesis of a Book)    1

Gil Bartholeyns
On the ‘Virtus’ of Images. Medieval Practices, Contemporary Theories      15

Ticio Escobar
Ta’angá verá. The Power of Images in an Amerindian Perspective         37

Hans Belting
The Migration of Images. An Encounter with Figuration in Islamic Art      63

Linda Báez-Rubí
Wanderstrassen. Traveling Images — Moving Ideas Between Continents      79

W.J.T. Mitchell
Method, Madness, and Montage      103

Philippe-Alain Michaud
On Screen      123

Images at War, Images of Wars

Georges Didi-Huberman
Torrents and Barricades      141

Emmanuel Alloa
‘Just Terror’. The Visual Communication of ISIS      159

Susan Buck-Morss
Visual Empire 2.0      175

Chiara Cappelletto
The Dynamis of Fiction in the Globalized World. On Walid Raad’s Images in Transfer      201

Angela Mengoni
Visualizing Autoimmunity. Gerhard Richter’s War Cut      235

Decentering Visual Studies

Sunil Manghani
Image Degree Zero. From the Empirical Image to Image as Capacity      263

A. S. Aurora Hoel
Images as Active Powers for Reality. A Simondonian Approach to Medical Imaging      287

Morad Montazami
From Speculative to Heretical Orientalism. The Paul Klee Syndrome in the Hamed Abdalla Archives      311

Avinoam Shalem
The Transformative Museum. Why We Need an Other Museum for the Arts of Islam      329

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