Workshop: Aesthetics & Critique III (27th-28th May, 2021)


Thursday 27 May 2021

14h Ouverture EMMANUEL ALLOA

14h30-16h30. Contagion as a Metaphor / La contagion comme métaphore / Ansteckung als Metapher

14h30-14h50 DARIO GENTILI (Università Roma Tre) : From Contagion to Contagion, from Crisis to Crisis

14h50-15h10 VANESSA LEMM (Deakin U, Melbourne) : Contagion and Community of Life

15h10-15h30 Discussion

15h30-15h50 ELIZABETH POVINELLI (Columbia U, NYC) : Cumulative and Coming Catastrophes. Feeling & Figuring the Difference

15h50-16h10 SLAVOJ ZIZEK (Birkbeck College London) : Non-Thinking in Pandemic Times

16h10- 16h30 Discussion

16h30-17h00 Break

17h00-18h30 Keynote: WJT MITCHELL (Chicago) : Present Tense 2020. An Iconology of Time

Friday 28 May 2021

9h30-12h00 – Is there Art Behind the Screen ? Virtualized Aesthetic. Practices in Pandemic Times / Y a-t-il de l’art derrière l’écran / Findet jenseits des Bildschirms Kunst statt ?

9h30-9h40 Presentation

9h40-9h55 VINCENT BAUDRILLER (Théâtre Vidy)

9h55-10h10 MARTA PONSA (Jeu de Paume, Paris)

10h10-10h25 NICOLAS BRULHART (Fri Art, Fribourg)

10h25-10h40 VINZENZ HEDIGER (Frankfurt/M)

10h40-10h55 BASTIAN ZIMMERMANN (Munich/Berlin)


11h10-12h Discussion

14h00-15h30 JEAN-LUC NANCY (Strasbourg) : Être soufflé

15h45-18h10 – In Uncertain Times. On Improvisational Practices / En des temps incertains. Sur les pratiques improvisationnelles / In ungewisser Stunde. Über Improvisationspraktiken

15h45-15h55 Presentation

15h55-16h10 DANIEL FEIGE (ABK Stuttgart) : The Aesthetic Temporality of Musical Improvisation

16h10-16h25 LYDIA GOEHR (Columbia U, NYC) : IMPUT — UNTITLED

16h25-16h55 Discussion

16h55-17h10 ALESSANDRO BERTINETTO (U Torino) : Aesthetics of Improvisation as Artistic Grammar of Contingency

17h10-17h25 GEORG BERTRAM (FU Berlin) : Improvisation as Paradigm of Art?

17h25-17h40 SARA RAMSHAW (U Victoria, Canada) : Justice as Improvisation.

17h40-18h10 Discussion