Workshop: Aesthetics & Critique III (27th-28th May, 2021)

Schedule Thursday 27 May 2021 14h Ouverture EMMANUEL ALLOA 14h30-16h30. Contagion as a Metaphor / La contagion comme métaphore / Ansteckung als Metapher 14h30-14h50 DARIO GENTILI (Università Roma Tre) : From Contagion to Contagion, from Crisis to Crisis 14h50-15h10 VANESSA LEMM (Deakin U, Melbourne) : Contagion and Community of Life 15h10-15h30 Discussion 15h30-15h50 ELIZABETH POVINELLI (Columbia … Read moreWorkshop: Aesthetics & Critique III (27th-28th May, 2021)