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This podcast series was produced by students of the Autism 2021 course offered by Nathalie Quartenoud in the Department of Special Needs Education. It was published in the magazine Alma&Georges.


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Podcast autism










  • Épisode 1:«C’est quoi l’autisme? Ce qu’on a appris depuis Rain Man».
  • Épisode 2: «Communiquer, simple comme bonjour?»
  • Épisode 3: «Le domino sensoriel»
  • Épisode 4: «L’apprentissage»


Links to some good podcasts in english coming soon.

What does that have to do with me?

In order to raise awareness, to understand or to make people understand autism, the podcast can be an interesting means.

Indeed, everyone can listen to it at their own pace, at a suitable time, and understand for themselves the interesting information or information to be investigated in greater depth

What is the next step?

Share with us if you know a good podcast in english too

Practical advice

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I able to differentiate useful media?
  • Am I willing to share my knowledge?
  • What have I learned?

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About the author

Coline, Anouk, Lucie et Jessica are giving their voices to these podacasts realised by Stephano Christen for  Alma&Georges magazine

The project has been coordinated by Nathalie Quartenoud