Interaction and Social Practices Research Group

Society is accomplished in and through social interaction. By mutually orienting to each other, individuals achieve activities together and shape the situations, identities and relationships that structure their social environment. They thus refer to, renew and reproduce social institutions.

The GRIPS research group focuses on the concrete organization of social interaction and practices in institutional settings, with special emphasis on clinical and educational  settings. The group relies primarily on ethnographic (in-depth observation) and ethnomethodological approaches (conversation analysis and multimodal analysis) as well as audiovisual recordings of in situ interactions. The goal is to examine in detail the articulation of resources - language, gaze, gestures, movements, objects - involved in the situated production of social action.

Research Projects

Requesting in hospital nurses' unscheduled interprofessional interactions

Swiss National Science Foundation grant no 100017_18512/1, 2019-2023 

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González-Martínez, E., P. Drew (2021), "Informings as recruitment in nurse's intrahospital telephone calls", Journal of Pragmatics, 186, pp. 48-59.

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