Situated Practices Seminar 07

Scientific practice as ordinary action. An international workshop on scientists at work

 22-23 March 2007

 University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Research Committee ‘Interpretive Sociologies' of the Swiss Sociological Association (co-organizer).

In the 1970s a number of social scientists aimed to demystify the idea of a ‘scientific method' and to undermine the idea that there is a radical discontinuity between scientific and everyday practical reasoning. A strategic role for this project were anthropological and ethnographic studies of scientists involved in investigative work and the production of new knowledge. This workshop discusses the present state and prospective of detailed ethnographies of scientific practice. It brings together researchers who have conducted recent observational studies on the ordinary, interactional, and practical aspects of scientific work, and to discuss the potential benefits of such studies.

Speakers: Morana Alac (University of California-San Diego, US); Christian Greiffenhagen (University of Manchester, UK); Mark Hartswood (University of Edinburgh, UK); Morgan Jouvenet (University of Grenoble, FR); Timothy Koschman (Southern Illinois University, US); Michael Lynch (Cornell University, US); Eric T. Meyer (Indiana University, US); Lorenza Mondada (University of Lyon, FR); Emine Onculer (Columbia University, US); Rob Procter (University of Manchester, UK); David Ribes (University of Michigan, US); Mark Rouncefield (Lancaster University, UK); Wendy Sherman (Kent State University, US); Roger S. Slack (University of Edinburgh, UK); Philippe Sormani (University of Lausanne, CH); Janet Vertesi (Cornell University, US); Dominique Vinck (University of Grenoble, FR); Alan Zemel (Drexel University, US).

Organizing Committee: Alain Bovet (University of Fribourg); Esther González Martínez (University of Fribourg); Philippe Sormani (University of Lausanne).
Scientific Committee: Alain Bovet (University of Fribourg); Christian Greiffenhagen (University of Manchester); Wes Sharrock (University of Manchester); Philippe Sormani (University of Lausanne); Jean Widmer (University of Fribourg).

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