Situated Practices Seminar 21

Work and Interaction in Nursing

 Due to the coronavirus situation, the seminar has been postponed to March 31- April 2, 2022.

 University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Direct observational research relying on multimodal and conversation analysis is widespread in applied studies of interactions in a range of medical settings. However, nursing and nurses' activities have been relatively neglected both from this methodological perspective but also more widely in interaction research. This workshop will bring together researchers who are beginning to redress that imbalance and giving greater prominence to research on nursing, based on audio and video recordings of real-life situations. They will examine nursing as a practical, situated activity, not the theory of nursing, nor policies regarding nursing, but what nurses do in the course of their daily practical activities, especially when interacting with patients as well as with co-workers.

Organizing Committee: Esther González-Martínez, Bastien Taverney (University of Fribourg), Paul Drew (University of York, UK).

Supported by the Fonds d'action facultaire - Faculty of Humanities and the Fonds de recherche (University of Fribourg)