General Information

What are allowances for?

They are intended to cover the needs of your children. This concerns your own children, including if they are adopted. This also concerns the children of your spouse if they live in your household most of the time.

For whom?

You can claim family allowances if you look after:

  • Your own biological or adopted children, whether or not you are married.
  • Children of your spouse or registered partner (under the LPart and not cantonal law) who live or have lived up to adulthood mainly in your household.
  • From 1 January 2018, the option of adopting your partner's child is also offered to both heterosexual and homosexual people living as a de facto couple.Supplement
  • Foster children, if you are assuming their education and maintenance costs free of charge and on a long-term basis.
  • The children of your brothers, sisters and grandchildren, if you are providing the main part of their maintenance costs.

Family allowances are not paid automatically: parents must apply to their employer or, where applicable (if they have no employer), directly to the relevant compensation fund.

Allowances may differ depending on your employer and the nature of your employment contract. Please always consult the information corresponding to your contract and the related legal bases.