With SNSF Grants

For these posts, the contract is made directly between recipients and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), which is why the SNSF's rules apply. Below you will find the list of paid parental leave granted by the SNSF.


  • Maternity leave
    • SNSF fellows are entitled to 16 weeks' paid maternity leave (on 100% salary).
    • They must apply to the FNS themselves for this.
    • When justified by the circumstances, it is possible to ask for a project or contract extension of the person providing maternity leave cover.


  • Paternity leave
    • Upon reasoned request, fellows can be granted 4 weeks' paternity leave (20 days) during their research scholarship.
    • If the mothers takes less than 16 weeks of maternity leave and carries out a professional activity or is undergoing training, or if she cannot look after the child for health reasons, the recipient who becomes a father during the scholarship can ask for paternity leave of longer than 4 weeks, if he can prove that he is providing care. In such a case, the cumulated duration of maternity and paternity leave must not exceed 16 weeks. In all cases, paternity leave must be taken in the six months following the birth of the child and during the current scholarship.
    • In exceptional cases, the grant recipient can ask for unpaid paternity leave. The decision is up to the SNSF.


    Good to know:

    • Grant recipients who give birth to a child in the nine months following the end of the grant can ask for additional maternity or paternity financing.


  • Other paid leave
    • For childcare for ill children, a maximum of 5 days is granted per year, and 2 days to sort out urgent matters directly related to your child(ren).
    • For assistance and care for close relatives, a maximum of 5 days is granted per incident.


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